Amitriptyline reducing muscle-inflammation and diminishing gains? : AdvancedFitness

Amitriptyline reducing muscle-inflammation and diminishing gains? : AdvancedFitness


Hello everyone,

in the past, I was working out for more than a year pretty consistently. Full body workout three times a week involving all the classic weight lifting exercises. After a few months though, I did not make any progress anymore. I tried a lot from switching rep ranges, workout break and so on, nutrition was also pretty adapted to muscle growth.

Recently I started again and obviously, this time I am trying to get better results. However, I am beginning to wonder whether amitriptyline – which I take for depression for more than two years already – was the reason for the unsatisfactory results and might still hinder my progress. It is the only antidepressant that helped me, at least to an extent (many have been tried except MAOIs). I found an article that it acts as a considerably potent anti-inflammatory in muscle tissue and is thus a possible candidate for alleviating duchenne muscle disorder which is associated with muscle inflammation. [2014, N = 18, 25 days, mdx mice]

Which may sound good at first sight, could be in fact detrimental to muscle growth. Amitriptyline apparently significantly reduces Interleukin-6 and TNF-α levels in muscle tissue – important mediators in hypertrophy. In fact, the time I stopped making progress was roughly around the time I started taking amtriptyline, but it might have hit the plataeu already before, I do not remember it very well.

I know reddit is not exactly for medical advice, but psychiatrists seldomly have a deep understanding of the process involved in hypertrophy. So I would like to ask whether you can draw conclusions from these results or whether it may not be a too relevant factor. If yes, is there any way of dealing with this problem other than discontinuing? Stopping it will probably result in a relapse (tried it once), but I could switch to an MAOI, which might also benefit the pronounced concentration problems I still have. However, it seems that a lot of antidepressants reduce interleukin-6 and TNF-α and other cytokines and this could very well be connected to their effect: [2002, metastudy]

Unlike the first study, though, in most studies only serum or brain levels of cytokines were meausered and not the levels in muscle tissue (which would be the important ones for hypertrophy).