Do increases in power at HIGH minimum velocity thresholds (>1.5m/s) also increase maximal unloaded concentric velocity? : AdvancedFitness

For example: to lift 20kg at 1.5m/s obviously requires a higher power output than lifting 10kg at the same velocity (1.5m/s). Would this ability to produce increased force at such speeds correlate to an increased ability to move at higher speeds when the same movement is unloaded?

Also, is there a better way to measure minimum velocity thresholds rather than absolute speed metrics? I.e. instead of 1.5m/s being a reference value to starting strength ability, could an individual use something like 90% of their own maximal movement velocity as a more relevant and relative individualised minimum velocity threshold?

I.e. someone that is able to achieve a maximum movement velocity of 1.66m/s in a given movement will be able to move at 1.5m/s when performing at 90% of their maximal movement velocity, whereas someone that is only able to achieve a maximal movement velocity of 1.5m/s would rather move at 1.35m/s when performing at their own individualised 90% minimum velocity threshold.