Exercise & Autophagy : AdvancedFitness


So there are times when I set the treadmill to a moderately challenging speed, and after my hour-long session is done, I’ll be slightly sweaty and yet I’ll feel reasonably fit over the ensuing days. But then there are times when I’ll set my treadmill to a much more challenging speed, and after my session I’ll be sweat-drenched and on the verge of collapse, and I’ll feel completely fatigued/bushed for the rest of the day, and it’ll take me at least a few days to recover. I’ll also mention that I take Curcumin before all my cardio workouts.

So what’s going on here? Why is it that following the moderate sessions my body feels more energetic over the week, but with the more challenging sessions I’m literally depleted for days afterwards? Is it possible that on those more challenging sessions I’m pushing it too far, to the point where it’s harmful?

I’d always read that more intensity gives better results for cardio. And yet the depletion I feel from that seems to belie that claim. Is it possible that because I’ve started taking Curcumin in connection with the cardio workouts, that it’s aggravating or lowering my tolerance threshold? Should I stop taking the Curcumin and see if my tolerance for intense cardio improves?

Is it possible that an overly intense cardio workout along with Curcumin can go beyond the beneficial autophagy, and take you too far into apoptosis? Should I stop taking Curcumin altogether, or should I maybe just take it in connection with moderate cardio workouts only? And then with intense cardio workouts I should perhaps do these without Curcumin?

Because when I have the more intense workouts along with the Curcumin, something seems to not feel right afterwards, energy-wise. I’m not saying I feel any tears in my muscles or ligaments, or any sharp pains, but I feel depleted in energy and it feels my recovery takes significantly longer. Thoughts, opinions, comments?