How to study Essentials of Strength and Conditioning for NSCA Test : AdvancedFitness

So I’m a sophomore in college, currently studying Sports Management and loving the classes I’m in. The downside is some of my professors are not. I have one in particular who is the head of the athletic training department and moved our class (Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Strength and Conditioning) online due to “COVID.” I have a serious hunch it’s because moving it online is easier for him to focus on his actual passion, which is athletic training. He is known for cancelling class in previous semesters, and has only posted one 35 minute lecture video on Chapter 1 of Essentials of Strength and Conditioning (ESC). I’ve decided if I want a quality education in this class I’ll just have to teach myself from the textbook.

I wanted to see if you guys had any advice on how to study from the textbook or what specific online resources I could use to help? I love weightlifting and definitely want to pursue a field in strength and conditioning. I’m probably going to meet with the professor next week if he doesn’t upload any more, as it’s been three weeks into the semester.

I appreciate any advice!