Question about G-Flux : AdvancedFitness

Here is a thought and I would love to see flaws if any in this thought process. Also please correct me if I’m wrong.

So there is this concept of G-Flux: if you increase both your calorie intake, and your exercise to match those extra increased calories, and you will be better off because you will have a better metabolism and you could reach a better body composition and/or fat distribution on your body.

Here is where I agree with this:

A. Let’s say I am dieting on 2000 calories, which is 500 calories below my maintenance. I do no cardio session at all and I keep losing weight. However, since I am a bigger guy and the calories are low, sometimes I feel sluggish, my performance seems to suffer and my lifting numbers are slowly going down. Also other aspects of my life take a toll as I am hangry sometimes and my libido is decreased as well.

B. So next week I increase my calorie intake to 2500 calories. With no cardio, that would be my maintenance calories level and I would not lose any fat at all at this level. However, at this calorie level, I feel energized, my workouts are great and my lifting numbers are actually improving. Also I have my libido and I am never hungry. But that fat loss… is stagnated.

So I decide to increase my cardio and I start to do a LISS session, a slow steady walking session everyday for the equivalent of 500 calories. The walking not only hurt my recovery but actually help me to recover from my workouts. Also I feel better mentally, emotionally, mentally because I am never hungry and the daily morning walking actually clears my mind and reduces my daily life and work stress and so my cortisol level also is in check.

So if I have the time for that 500 calorie walking session every morning, why wouldn’t I want to choose option B?

Wouldn’t this prove that it is not only calories in and calories out that matter? Wouldn’t this prove anecdotally that there is probably a “better” level of calories in and calories out level and that actually might be the higher number?

Just thinking loud and asking what you think, what is your experience with yourself or your clients and if there is research about this G-Flux?

Cheers everyone!