Question about muscle-activation up to 1RM and beyond : AdvancedFitness

After a new deadlift PR (and a failed lift) I’ve been wondering how the body deals with situations of increased load and then failure. And so after this particular PR (+ 25 kg) I’ve been very fatigued. Something I expected (to a degree) from previous experience, but this was more than I expected. It reminded me actually of the time I went kayaking for a few days, but not quite.

IIRC, I’ve read somewhere that even in our 1RMs the body could give even more, if for instance our life would be at stake, but that it carries the risk of injury and that we can’t access this strength otherwise.

Could anyone explain it to me in greater detail?

Perhaps a better way of asking my question would be “what happens when we fail a lift?”

First time posting a thread in this sub, apologies if it isn’t up to par.