What should I do? : AdvancedFitness


Hi. I’m 15 years old (2006) and I weigh around 70kg at 167/168cm tall (ish). My strength is average I guess, I have pretty OK stamina but not “fit”. I wouldn’t say I eat very healthy, but I wouldn’t say I eat unhealthy either. I dont sit still all day at home, but I also don’t really exercise other than riding bikes around all day and swimming alot with my friends. The problem is though, that i’m kinda “fat”. I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to lose fat and get skinnier and just overall look better. Despite not really being overweight or unhealthy, i’m still seen as the fat kid. What can I do to (and again, I dont care about my weight) be, well, not fat anymore? Advice please? <3